Katherine & Ben

Time for a Funnymoon

What is a Funnymoon?

We got married on February 13th in Brooklyn, NY! So this is not a wedding. Instead, we've rented a house to spend some time with you on the beach.

Where is it?

We've rented a house that can sleep ten additional guests near Wingaersheek Beach, in Gloucester, MA. If you'd prefer to stay elsewhere, check out these other accommodations.

When is it?

It is from July 2nd—July 9th. We've broken up the week into two time blocks for planning convenience: fireworks, kubb, & picnics from the 2-5th, and sparklers, jetski-ing, & cookouts the 5th-9th. But let us know what works for your schedule (longer or shorter) in the form below.

Do I need to bring a gift?

No you do not! In lieu of gifts, please write down or record a funny story about Ben &/or Katherine and bring it to share. If you would really like to give us something material, contribute to our Funnymoon meal fund!

What do I need to do now?

Please fill out our survey form so we can plan our next steps. A itinerary will be available here by June 1st.

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